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Sports Hall, Kalloni, Lesvos

Sport for all people is a social good, like the goods of health and education. Sport for all requires good organization, a complete logistical infrastructure, and of course suitably trained scientific staff. The present project, concerning the construction of the Kallonis Indoor Gymnasium, comes to cover the sports needs of the residents of the newly established Municipality of West Lesvos. The sports center is planned, near the "Kostas Kenteris" football stadium, according to the spatial and urban planning of the area and according to the building program of the project, it will have the following spaces:

-Sports and gymnastics hall used for gymnastics training, as well as for the following sports:

a. Basketball.

b. Volleyball.

c. Handball.

With a capacity of 600 seated spectators.

-Gym equipment area.

-Entrance of athletes with foyer and changing rooms for athletes, coaches, and referees.

- Public entrance with foyer, canteen, and sanitary facilities.

-Management offices and meeting room.

- Clinic.

-Storage areas and mechanical room.

A two-story metal building with a limited basement and a free height above the sports area of ​​9 meters is planned to house the above spaces. The metal structure is arranged in a grid every 5.60m on the north-south axis, with an interior "free from pillars" width of 40 meters and a roof lattice height of about 2m. Access to the building is from the west, through a parking area and an urban square. Athletes enter through an autonomous entrance to the north to be taken to the changing rooms and then to the sports hall or the organ room, while spectators through the square, are taken to a foyer area after ticketing and then to the spectator seats. The spectator seats in their full extent can accommodate 400 people, while by collapsing the first part of the stands, the sports hall can now cover two basketball and volleyball training courts on the transverse axis. The floor is completed with the office spaces, the meeting room, the Gym equipment room, and circulation corridors around the central hall.  Finally, in the basement we find the storage areas, other auxiliary areas and the mechanical room. The design of the building complements the design of the surrounding area, with a car parking area, a bus stop/parking area, an urban square, open tennis courts and planting, green and activity areas.

Energy-wise, the goal of the proposal is to create a building with a high energy class and a low energy balance. The design of the building's passive systems and the active systems that assist the former contribute to this goal.

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