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The project concerns the restoration and reuse of an industrial listed complex – olive press, in Perama of Lesvos.


The opening intention of the project was to rescue the complex, which was in great danger of a total collapse due to abandonment, and to transform it into its new owner’s home.

The complex, an emblem and landmark for its area, at the entrance of the settlement, consists of the main building of the olive mill (with a two-storey internal height), the high chimney, and the ground floor storage areas of olives, olive oil and other supporting spaces.

In the context of the reuse, the industrial shells are suitably adapted to accommodate residential areas. With absolute respect for the original character of the complex, internal arrangements are taking place to serve the new use, without affecting the bearing structure of the buildings.


Based on the complex’s documentation study, main architectural parts that are missing, are reconstructed in their original form, while later additions are being demolished or left as they are (ruins) as a reminder of their existence.

At the same time, small interventions are being carried out to ensure adequate natural lighting and ventilation of the main areas (interior patios - and new limited openings in vertical elements and roofs) without affecting the shape or character of the complex.

For the layout of the house, critical role plays the main building of the mill. Inside the mill, the machinery is restored insitu and at the same time a large dining room and a living room is located while the building remains as a museum of its own.


The main areas of the house are being located around the new proposed atriums and the existing courtyards, as well as two guest houses, three staff houses and other supporting spaces.