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The Hellenic Institute of Architecture, within its mission of promoting contemporary Greek architecture, organizes the 10th Biennale of Young Greek Architects. With great pleasure, we will participate to the event, since our project eXeliosis has been selected, with a special distinction, by the jury.

Exhibition dates:

17.12.2021-17.01.2022 - One Athens, Greece.

A major characteristic of our design approach is the light and shadows game that derives from the dialogue between the Greek landscape, the materials, and the architectural elements that we use (atrium, skylight, the structure itself).  Natural light tends to create space through the shadows that cover parts of the structure’s volume. As a result, light is a means of the construction process.

As a philosophy, we emphasize the authenticity of the design by using materials that serve the needs of the structure and at the same time adapt to the context of a specific environment. The materials we choose in combination with the professional detailing complement the form, render the experience of the user original, activates the senses of the user and underlines the ambiance of the space.